Songs for Suffering – Artwork – Ch.9

Chapter 9 – “I am more than my trouble”

The Portrait Gallery

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Amy writes:

Once again an illustration was a real challenge. I prayed for inspiration.
I re-read Chapter 9 and noted the question “Who am I?” I remembered shopping in a big store in London and as I walked up the stairs I saw someone coming towards me. She looked a bit familiar and then suddenly I realised it was myself reflected in the huge mirror on the landing of the stairs. It was a surprise to me to see myself as other people might see me.

I wondered how to make this into an illustration to answer the question “Who am I ?” I thought of creating a portrait gallery. Do you ever find anybody that looks like you? First of all I decided to make a collage of portraits. I painted and drew a variety of people of all ages. Then I added a huge mirror and a person looking at their own reflection.

Perhaps you would like to try looking at yourself in a mirror. You may find it is not so easy to recognise yourself if you see your face from a different angle. Remember there’s more to you than a reflection in a mirror and that God knows you and loves you.