Where’s the Cry of Anguish? (Prayers during Covid)

Not long after the current outbreak started, the Church of England nationally issued some prayers ‘for personal and group use at this challenging time’. They are available at the C of E website. They are good prayers and I hope that many people find them helpful. But something strikes me about them: they offer no articulation of personal negative or difficult feelings. In other words, they do not facilitate any personal lament.

I’ll explain what I mean by that, why it might matter, and what can helpfully supplement those prayers.

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A Website for Lament

“Life is difficult.” So says M. Scott Peck in his classic “The Road Less Travelled”. How to deal with the difficulties of life is one of the perennial challenges that we all face. And yet it is a challenge that seems to me to be under-discussed and under resourced when it comes to expressing those difficulties within the life of Christian faith.

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